Ways To Make Your Bathroom Design More Much More Functional

Changing your bathroom décor does not have to be the nightmare that you first think. Why not take a look at the Clearwater bath range for inspiration.
The majority of people think that their bathrooms are cluttered and lack space. However, with a few simple changes in the bathroom design, you can make a small bathroom look more spacious and modern overall.
It is probable to add certain fundamentals like Clearwater baths new sinks and faucets to make your bathroom more serviceable. In this post, we will give you some helpful tips to make your bathroom more efficient and practical.
Also, you will want to make sure you are looking after your bath to ensure it stays looking good for years to come.
Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer cosmetic damage to your Clearwater bath during installation or accidentally at any time, these can usually be rectified quite easily by removing the scratch with 800+ grit sandpaper and then rubbing with 1500+ grit, abrasive paper and water. Lightly rub the affected area by keeping the area treated to a minimum until the mark is removed, then polish a neutral car colour restorer or a household metal polish to restore the lustre.

Other marks on your bath (such as market pen or pencils marks) both internally or externally can generally be removed with a non abrasive bathroom cleaner or mild detergent. Should this not be the case then please revert to colour restorer or household metal polish.
Use only non abrasive cleaners as abrasives over a period of time will remove the lustre from your bath. Warning: never user cleaners / bleach products specifically manufactured for WC bowl cleaning as they may damage your bath. In addition to these we strongly recommend that applying hair colouring is also not used over the bath as it may de-colour the natural stone.
Colour is one of the prime factors to take into account to make your bathroom looks more spacious. Light colours like white, creams and pastels can make your bathroom look open. Moreover, light-coloured large floor tiles give a brighter look. Also using vertical stripes or ceiling mirrors can create the perception of height.
In order to make sure that a bathroom does not feel overpowering, it is important to use an unassuming colour scheme. However, brighter colours can be used. You just have to make sure you choose a colour that matches your Clearwater baths, cabinets, faucets and other elements. A bright coloured wall running from the floor of your bathroom to the ceiling may make it more exhilarating without absorbing extra light.
Choose only high quality Clearwater baths, faucets and other elements to make your bathroom look stylish, functional and practical.
Clearwater manufacture 40 style of bath and a delightful old fashioned shower tray, all of which are made to the highest possible standard by Europe’s largest manufacture of acrylic free standing baths to ISO 9000 standard.

If you want a traditional or Victorian style of bath for your new on-suite or house bathroom, look no further than the Clearwater Collection through the internet and various search engines. These exciting ranges of bath are sold only through approved Clearwater stockist where you will be guaranteed to only receive a genuine product with its lifetime guarantee. Clearwater manufacture 40 style of bath and a delightful old fashioned shower tray, all of which are made to the highest possible standard by Europe’s largest manufacture of acrylic free standing baths to ISO 9000 standard.

If you do decide upon clearwater baths, we can arrange that, whichever one you choose, it can be factory fitted with the patented Clearspa system providing you with your very own hydro massage system. The unique encapsulated jet pattern provides an action that can be either relaxing or refreshing, and the controls are not only easy to operate, but are inherently safe.
There are fifteen styles of bath within the range that require feet to be fitted and there are ten different types that can be offered and are in suitable finishes or in the case of the case of the Artistic resin foot, left plain for you to paint in a contrasting colour. A full range of waste fitments will be delivered with your bath and a vast range of bath taps is available from us.
Should you decide to choose a roll top or other type of bath from Clearwater, our design department will discuss with you all the various options that will be needed to complete your new bathroom, including wash hand basins WC’s and shower fitments. Please e-mail us to take your first step to achieving a stunning new look for your home.