Solid Strategies For Treating Your Yeast Infection

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Our final way to make use of a condom requires slightly more planning, as a glow in the dark variety is needed. Next time you go on a camping trip, make sure these are exactly the type of protection that you take with you – that way if your torch batteries run out you won’t be left in the dark. A condom filled with water provides the best results here, but a condom filled with air will also work. It may not provide enough light to guide you through a dark forest, but if you hang it over the door of the tent it will certainly help you find your way back.

O Does he come home late from work often? If so, you can check for suspicious scents while giving him a hug when he comes through the door. Scents that should not be present after working are smoke, alcohol, sex or any type of unusual scents or perfumes.

No. It’s all condoms. I don’t have unprotected sex. We could have gotten tested, and I get tested anyway, but I wanted to show real life. Anything I do, I wear condoms. I’m going to be as safe as possible.

It is hard to tell whether one has STD or not, since the symptoms are hard to diagnose. An infected person may not show any symptoms of STD and condom size may be unaware of being infected for some time. Thus, it is easy to pass the disease from person to person unwittingly, in the belief that one is STD-free.

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