Pete Holmes at the Stress Factory

Last week, Scott and I met up with his brother & girlfriend (also my good friend) and drove out to our old college town to meet up with some other friends.
One of the other friends, Eric, had gotten a nike free 3.0 bunch of free tickets to the Stress Factory, a comedy club in New Brunswick. We were going to see comedian Pete Holmes.
While the tickets were free, the club does have a two item purchase minimum. Now, this also applies if you buy tickets. Depending on who you’re going to see, that might end up making it a sort of expensive night! However, since we paid nothing to get in, none of us really minded!

(And my buffalo chicken tenders were tasty, as was the Wandering Mark drink I got– a mix of hot chocolate, chocolate liquor and Bailey’s. Though it was over $6!)
Pete Holmes was hilarious! I’d never heard of him before, but he’s been on tv and such. We laughed a lot, and he had a very easygoing nature. He was just as eager to laugh at himself, and didn’t rely on racism or mockery (except, maybe, of himself) to be funny.

Overall, it was a really fun night! Alas, I didn’t take any photos, but I had a very good time!
Here’s a video of one of his bits on the Conan O’Brian show!