Nordic Startup Awards: Hot tech from the cold zone

While retailers like Woolworths, Comet and Jessops went to the wall, names like Poundland, Pound World and 99p Stores took over the UK High Street, stacking cheap and cheerful goods high and flogging them to Britain’s growing army of austerity-hit bargain hunters. Selling triple packs of Mars Bars, kitchen sponge scourers, Elvis calendars and multipacks of marble-effect party balloons, pound shops have done well out of the UK’s recession.

“It does what I think Nordic start-ups especially tend to get right – simple designs that are highly user-friendly and easy to get started. Mr Balle says the seven-year-old site has filled an important gap in the market. ”
Start-up Journalist: Greg Anderson Greg Anderson’s ArcticStartup provides news articles and job listings for start-ups Mr Anderson edits ArcticStartup, a Helsinki-based English-language blog about digital start-ups in the region.

It is forecast to reach about 895,500 by 2015, and 1. Continue reading the main story “Start Quote There’s no doubt that congestion is the biggest challenge facing the aviation industry in the Middle East”
End Quote John Swift Former manager, Dubai International Airport The number of aircraft movements through United Arab Emirates’ airspace last year was more than 741,000, according to official figures.

Others say the real number is closer to 5,000. Such was his ruthlessness he is widely held responsible for some 4,000 deaths. And yet, here in Medellin, some people still affectionately refer to Escobar as Pablito, and in the commercial district of Junin T-shirts and wristwatches emblazoned with his face as well as books and DVDs telling his story are on display.

Start-up of the Year: Plain Vanilla Games Plain Vanilla’s QuizUp trivia app lets players compete against each other across more than 500 topics Iceland-based Plain Vanilla has racked up about 20 million downloads for its iPhone and Android general knowledge game QuizUp since it launched in November. The BBC spoke to him and one of this year’s jurors – Danish tech entrepreneur Michael Bodekær – to find out why the judges picked who they did.

The apps include software that allows a store to accept discount coupon codes; the ability to chat with clients currently looking at products; and an app that automatically sends out “back in stock” emails to customers who were unable to buy what they wanted first time round. The Swedish firm provides access to its store designs and payment system for free, but takes a 30% cut from third-party add-ons sold from its app store. Founder of the Year: Carl Waldekranz Carl Waldekranz makes money by selling apps to stores using his platform Mr Waldekranz is the creator of Tictail – a service that allows small retailers to set up their own websites.

“I figured that acting was a great way to make money so I could continue surfing and avoid real responsibility,” Walker later said. Walker was in Fast & Furious 6 with Vin Diesel (centre) and Dwayne Johnson The acting world called once more when his former agent looked him up to ask him to audition for a role as a surfer in the CBS spiritual drama Touched By An Angel. A week later, he got a small part in the time-travel caper movie Pleasantville, which starred Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon.

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Doctors are turning to software to create ‘virtual patients’ and improve treatments. Follow Rory on Twitter
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Walker was brought up as a Mormon near Los Angeles and it was his parents who pushed him into modelling and acting. At the heart of the high-octane drama in five out of the six films was Paul Walker, who played Brian O’Conner. The Fast & Furious franchise has become one of Hollywood’s biggest hits thanks to its reliable formula of high-speed chases, underground gangs and thrilling stunts.

Despite the firm’s U-turn another industry watcher said it would not spell the end for real-money auction houses. “This is not a condemnation of the model itself but rather its implementation,” said Ed Barton, director of digital media at the consultancy Strategy Analytics. “Diablo the game itself obviously went through two previous iterations where it didn’t have an auction house and was not designed with the assumption that one would exist as a additional revenue stream for the developer. The game’s auction houses allow players to buy or sell items for real-world money “There’s no doubt that what went wrong was always going to go wrong, and at its glacial speed Blizzard have acknowledged this.

The company said that the auction houses would be removed on 18 March 2014, giving users a chance to adjust. “We firmly believe that by shutting down the real-money and the gold auction houses, it really paves the way to make sure that killing monsters in-game is the most rewarding, the most satisfying, the most compelling way of getting your hands on those items,” said Josh Mosqueira, Diablo 3’s game director.

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