He said when Adidas announced its results in August

nike huarache ebaySina Technology News June 13 morning news, according to sources, the footwear brand Belle plans to create a joint investment in Baidu B2C website, the main footwear and apparel products, which also means Belle force e-commerce market after the official catwalk Gong Wenxiang, vice president of network in the micro-Bo said, Belle will bring two billion yuan of funds into the footwear and apparel e-commerce, this program nike huarache og is about to emerge: the introduction of Baidu investment, Lei Xu Jingdong served as senior vice president of original One, this project will soon be on-line, according to recent sources, in addition to the above B2C platform Belle its own brand, there will be other channels and branded footwear products. It is worth noting that, while Belle is a national agency Adidas, Nike and other brands, which means that the current other footwear B2C website to buy good music, music Amoy likely to face fierce competition in the market, according to media reports, the end of last year Belle own retail stores in mainland China reached 11,967, which operated stores reached 8,312 footwear business, sports apparel operated stores reached 3,655, in addition to 172 own retail stores in Hong Kong and Macau. Another agent of the brand to reach Belle 28, including almost all the major brands, in addition to Belle has completed the acquisition of Millie, Basto brand shoes.

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