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Edit: here's part 1 So I've only discovered this spot recently, and posted my first story a few times ago. It had been cathartic, and pretty thrilling, so I really want to keep going. I might leave out a few of the much more disappointing stories I suppose we all have actually them, but this next one did happen right after my first. It must have been about a month later on, simply before finals week. we thought about my encounter with M pretty a lot every day since it took place. I had vivid desires about this, and woke up feeling like my entire human body was vibrating. I actually wanted information technology to occur once more. we talked about earlier that I never ever saw him once again after our tryst, but that wasn't for lack of effort. we always had my eye off for him, and usually went past the spot where we met. we drew the line at knocking on his door, that just appeared creepy. Ultimately I discovered I had been kind of obsessing about him and decided to cut it out. we had been developing a bit of a crush on this kid in my course, at first only because his pronunciation had been excellent for a 100 level French course. I try actually tough in my classes, and discovered it annoying to hear these guys butchering the language, just trying to get through their prereq. He looked like somebody which you might pigeonhole as "hipster"- white man, slim create, fitted clothes, thin beard, nicely-coiffed blond locks. He wore his sleeves rolled up a great deal, and despite being slender had these firm, veiny forearms. we never ever went up to him, but lastly got a possibility to speak to him when we were paired off in course to exercise conversation. We talked about our hometowns, our majors, what dorm we occupied, et cetera. Ultimately we type of lost vapor, and I told him I loved his pronunciation. He came back the compliment, and told me that he adored French, and that it had been the language of love. I understand, that sounds extremely corny written down, but he didn't say it with Pepe LePew eyes, simply really casually. He had this peaceful, unassuming confidence that I discovered extremely attractive. I laughed it off, feigning exasperation, and he took my being at a loss for terms as an opportunity to say, still in French, that I had stunning eyes, and hair, and lips. Rapid-fire compliments, just like that, still with that easy-going self-confidence. we don't understand if he was some kind of player, but information technology was a pretty gauche move. I just got a small embarrassed, cast my eyes down, and thanked him. I asked him if he was only learning French to get girls, and he stated, switching into English, "No, but I simply couldn't help myself." I was too nervous to return a go with about his nice blue eyes. There's a line in the film Juno where she claims she knew the precise minute she decided she had been likely to rest with her boy. I had a minute just then, I knew we desired to connect up with this man. We were split up to resume the concept appropriate after that. we didn't say anything to him whenever class finished, but offered him a laugh when he said goodbye as we exited the room. I knew I would see him once more in 2 days anyhow. we told my roommate about him, and she, having no filter, stated "You should surely bang him." I pretended like I wasn't already thinking about that. we didn't speak to him at our Thursday class, but ran into him the extremely next day. we had been sitting on a sofa in the campus center reading between courses. I had my mind in the book, and earbuds on Nightmares On Wax if you care, therefore I didn't see him coming, but he emerged over and sat down right next to me. For a moment, we had been a little uncomfortable that somebody decided to go with to get right next to me, but we seemed up and saw him smiling down at me. He said one thing like "I'd know that hair anywhere" and asked just how I was doing. Inside I had been type of panicking, but was able to suppress it and made a bit of tiny talk, all the time wondering, exactly what do I state to this man that doesn't sound desperate or slutty? In retrospect I shouldn't have worried therefore much because he was plainly striking on me. We talked about preparing for finals, and he requested if I'd like to study with him that night. we had been busy, and told him so, and then thought about exactly what I'd been telling myself about being more impulsive. we had one of those "fuck it" moments, and asked him, why don't we go study in his dorm appropriate now? I had been worried that perhaps I wasn't able to imply my intentions clearly, although thinking right back it must have been obvious. He told me that his roomie was house, and I knew the exact same was probably true for me. Then he said "we think I know a quiet location. Come on." and stood up, waiting for me to follow. My heart was beating like crazy while we tried to play it cool. we wasn't sure I knew what I was doing, but those blue eyes were intoxicating. We wandered together, me personally trying and probably failing to act casual, towards an escalator that let to the sub-level of our CC. Downstairs had been another big lobby-type location, with lots of couches and things like the CC ballroom, the college credit union and the radio place along the periphery. On one part a hallway branched off, and appeared to develop a square U leading right back to the lobby with conference spaces on each side. We headed into the hallway. No sound came from any of these rooms. I began to get a concept of what he had in mind, and I also had been terrified. It had been the center of the day. I didn't know if these rooms had been scheduled. I began to shake a little from anxiety. He noticed my stress as we rounded the part. He stopped and faced me personally, both of united states tilting our sides against a wall. "It's OK," he stated. "Nobody's coming." He turned the handle of the nearest room's big double doors and cracked it open. No lights were on inside. "Do you wish to come in here with me?" we'm sure I had fear in my eyes. This had been way out of character for me personally. He ducked in without me, but held the door from closing. The undeniable fact that he wasn't really pressuring me, just asking, probably aided his situation. we looked both ways. Nobody was around. I took a breath. we went inside. The home clicked quietly behind me. Information technology had been pitch black colored inside. The only light source had been the light seeping through the sides of the doors, and the LED on a projector hanging from the ceiling. we believed his hand take mine. He pulled me personally against him. We kissed, softly. He was closer to my height than M, which was nice, because I wasn't craning my neck or standing on my feet, or making him bend down. He had been a great kisser. Small soft smooches at very first, with his hands cupping my face, eventually utilizing those hands to tilt my face against his, opening our mouths and dipping his tongue into my mouth. He had these thick, soft lips, and he must have been the best kisser I've ever encountered. I felt his beard cleaning against my face. His fingers pulled my face back, tilting it upward, and he kissed under my chin, along my throat, behind my ears. When he concentrated on the area behind my jawbone I started to get truly into it, letting away some involuntary but fortunately still hushed gasps. We were pressed against one another, with his back against a wall, and I also could feel his cock growing against me. We were pretty near in height, so it was truly thrilling. My arms had been around his neck and he had worked his fingers under my leggings, experiencing my ass over my underwear. He had been squeezing and pulling me against him, and I lifted one leg around him, trying to get him closer. The feeling of a guy squeezing my ass like that with his strong hands believed amazing. we was torn between surrendering completely and stopping myself from going therefore far with essentially a complete stranger, in what was essentially general public. He pulled my face off of his and relocated away from the wall. He took my hand and started leading me toward the front side of the room, opposite the door. My eyes had adjusted to the dark, and I also could almost make off that there was a broad podium up there, flanked by two long tables that had floor-length tablecloths covered around the legs. We leaned against the podium and kissed like a few hungry animals. He picked me up and place me on one of the tables with him between my feet. we noticed him achieve into his jeans and adjust himself before grabbing my ass and pulling his groin into mine. We had a few mins of him grinding into me, my legs wrapped around him, before I started to groan a small. I was seeking to keep quiet because I had no concept what would happen if we got caught, but he was these types of a great kisser and his rubbing against me was actually doing one thing. At one point I place my fingers against his chest, pushed him right back a small, and whispered to him, "I'm not going to have sex with you in here." He stated that which was fine, he understood, but he couldn't assist himself because I was so hot. I guess I'm a sucker for compliments. That's exactly how he got me to start with, that and his great appearance and French. we got off of the table and down to the flooring. we began pressing my face against his bulge through his jeans and he was plainly into information technology. we insisted we shuffle a bit to the part so that we were behind the podium. At minimum if somebody switched on the lights they wouldn't begin to see the whole show. I fumbled with his belt buckle a bit until he just unlatched it himself and pulled down his jeans and underwear never got to see if it had been boxers or briefs. we could smell his scent in the dark and information technology was like some primal desire took over. He was a little smaller than M, maybe 6 inches, not that which was a problem. It stuck off completely right. He was also actually closely groomed, unlike the other guys I'd been with. The smell of his musk as well as the undeniable fact that it had been pitch dark encouraged me to actually go for it. I might have been self-conscious otherwise, but I just dove in, licking his hard cock, taking information technology in my hands, taking the tip into my lips. He was truly encouraging, told me when I did something he liked, told me I was amazing. This just made me attempt harder. Keep in mind, at this point I had been a self-taught blowjob-giver, I didn't watch porn and had never done this before except for the one time with M. The black really helped. I licked all over it with my tongue, then I worked on the tip with my mouth while we held the sleep in my fingers. He was moaning in a hushed whisper, providing me instructions, like "yeah, keep making use of your tongue like that" or "use both hands" and occasionally just letting off an "ah shit" or two, which was quite encouraging. I was getting wet going my lips up and down on his cock, which was a lot more difficult than M's got, and information technology felt therefore great making him feel like that. He attempted to reach down and take off my leggings but we refused. we actually wanted him inside me personally, but we just couldn't do that in public. I decided simply to get for it and see if we could make him come. Information technology truly switched me personally on to hear the noises and directions he had been providing me. we started alternating working the mind with my lips and tongue with my hand stroking his lower half, then jerking the entire thing while it had been wet with my spit, then seeking to take as much in my lips as we could. I had been going truly fast and making slurping noises with my lips, bobbing my mind on his wonderful smooth cock. Any self-conscious or stressed thoughts I had were superceded by the temperature of the minute. He pushed my mind down with his fingers, then lifted up his cock and pulled me toward his balls. I took them into my mouth, licked all over, then licked back up his shaft. Keep in mind which was another very first for me. He had been jerking information technology while we sucked his balls and licked the underside of his dick. I believed so hot and requested him to get my breasts while we blew him. He hunched over and grabbed my breasts while I went my mouth up and down his cock, with increasing speed. He was providing away these hushed moans and type of thrusting into me while pinching my nipples through my sweater. At this point we had no idea where we were, it didn't matter. All I cared about had been experiencing him slip into my mouth, all the way to my throat, covered in my very own spit. Often he would choke me a bit when he thrusted inward, but it nevertheless thought great, particularly as a result of all the verbal encouragement he was giving me. I really adored licking it, it seemed to be the ideal shape. Ultimately he was pressing my mind up and down on his cock, forcing my jaw broad, nonetheless providing whispered encouragement. He gripped two handfuls of locks close to my head and carefully pulled me up and down. He would push my mind away, then I'd feel his cock smacking my face in the dark, then he'd put himself right back into my throat. we had been trying not to gag but really wanted to make him come. It didn't take much longer, a couple of moments later on he had his hands on the part of my mind, fucking my face, moaning means louder than he must have been. He pushed my face away and grabbed his cock, shooting like 5 lots onto my cheek, chin, and neck while we knelt there breathing difficult through my lips and rubbing myself a bit through my leggings. we heard him brace himself against the back wall, basically dropping into it, and he whispered to me that we was amazing. I fell back and lay on the carpeting, surprised at exactly what had just happened. He place one thing in my hand that I believe was the t-shirt he wore under his cardigan and told me to clean myself up. we did and offered it right back to him, not getting up from the carpet. Reality began to overflow right back and I told him he should leave initially, I'd follow a minute later. He knelt down and kissed me difficult also though he'd just come on me, I don't understand, that's kind of hot and said "you're incredible. I'll see you Tuesday." I heard him walk away and saw the room flood with a crescent of light on his way out. we lay here for a minute in a haze, then got incredibly self-conscious. we thought all over for any missed spots of come, then let myself out and went to the ladies' room. we made sure I had been washed up then just sat in a stall for a minute using it all in. Wow, that was hot. I had 10 mins until my Statistics course. I made it on time. WOW, which was hot, I'm shaking just writing about this. That was the very first time I made a guy come with my mouth. To be continued, I guess. SuperL44