Closing Fee – Escrow Fee – And Other Costs In Buying A House

It is definitely very important to know the problems that exist when purchasing a pre owned home and a home inspection is good for a buyer or a seller. What may look like a good buy may actually turn out to be a nightmare and it can potentially cost you thousands of dollars. Generally in a home inspection, when the inspector is working for the potential buyer… the home inspector would come in and check the “5 Crucial Must Haves”. This is the 5 main systems of the home, if any of the five are un-safe, damaged or not working properly it can become an outrageous expense to the potential home buyer.

home inspections manhattanMost buyers will get an inspector of their own to inspect your house and note detail by detail what is right and what is wrong. Either the buyers are required to by their bank or lending institution, or they do so voluntarily because they are wary of what is out there on the market because they are more savy than in the past. They know it is a buyers market so they can scrutinize and analyze every detail.They will test windows, flush toilets, listen for squeaky hinges, and notice cracks. Remember they will be comparing your house to 5 to 10 others.

Make sure you get a Home Inspector Nyc or a very reliable handyman to go over the property and get a preliminary title report as part of you property valuation.

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Find out what disclosures (facts that materially affect the value of the property) the seller is required by your state to disclose. This varies state to state, so it is extremely important you know what your state laws mandate. Realize that in most cases, the seller is only required to disclose information he/she already knows about the property. What this means is the seller is not obligated to hire professionals, but is required to disclose in “good faith” any personal knowledge on the property which may affect its financial worth.

While in every city or suburb there are a long list of home inspection companies, you should first approach your real estate broker if he can recommend a reliable building inspector. All brokers know at least one inspector since they are always working in the real estate industry.

Your ghost writer. Next, take a good look at your local newspaper. Hopefully you have stopped spending big bucks advertising in it. Do they have any regular columns having to do with energy, building, homes, maintenance, gardening? They don’t? Good! Because you’ve just become a guest columnist for them. Find someone around you who loves to write and have them write some very short, tight articles on taking care of your home. You may even want to write these yourself. Why not? If the newspaper does have a home maintenance or energy column already, that’s OK too – simply write letters in every couple of weeks along the lines of “I read so and so’s column, and as a local home inspector, I find…” Put some good advice in and your name – there it is again!

On the part of the buyer, what a home inspector will find about the house you are interested in is crucial in protecting your money and investment. More than anything, you want to avoid investing in a house that may look good on the outside but is rotting on the inside. With the help of a reliable home inspector, you will certainly sleep better knowing the true condition of the house you are interested in.

So be clear in your communications with your customers. Be ready and able to clearly articulate a compelling argument for anything you wish to say. And above all, EDUCATE your customers. Educate them on why they need a home inspection, a home warranty, or whatever the subject is. Teach them how to choose a qualified home inspector. Teach them how to make a good decision on any real estate subject or issue. They will love you for it!