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Preface: I’m a fair-skinned, 6’ male with blond hair and green eyes. Athletic build with broad shoulders but my no means muscular. I’ve gotten a great level of pussy, and every girl I’ve been with has always called me personally handsome. This, by far, though, is my many exciting fuck ever. This happened in December of 2009. we had simply been caught dirty talking online with other women by my beautiful, big-breasted girlfriend Brandy, and she decided to dump me because of it. Not merely was she a sweet girl and was we devastated by my actions destroying our relationship, but we fucked almost thrice daily, and we both were therefore obsessed with one another that whenever we weren’t together, we both couldn’t stop masturbating either. It was so amazing that it was almost too much, and I was a full-blown fucking junkie. Yet, Brandy had been gone, and I also required my fix. In comes my very first girlfriend, who I’ll call Jay. Jay and I had dated for essentially all of 2008. We met halfway through my freshman year of college, and she was my first kiss, my first everything, truly. We didn’t have sex of the first ten months of our relationship, because I had been still really spiritual at the time. Of what sex we did have was not that great, because I had little to no concept of what I was doing. Since then, we had done a great good deal of fucking, and knew far better just how to use my cock. Jay was still currently dating the guy she begin dating after me, and they had been in reality living together in her home. He was a really pale, thin, sickly-looking man I was not at all threatened by or impressed with. Conversely, Jay was 6 legs tall, a Hispanic-white hybrid with very dark brown locks, a gorgeous face with brown eyes, no ass but DD breasts and a fantastic dresser. Imagine Morticia from the Addams family members with good olive skin, a little heavier, and much more inviting facial features, but simply as strong of a personality. She and I had recently rekindled off social relationship after not talking for a couple of months, we had an extremely bad break-up, as she dumped me personally. She was five or so years older than me and desired more maturity from somebody she was dating. That being my first break-up, I took it as a slight and became very sour and combative about this, and we had a bit of animosity ever since. Since the break-up, we had only seen one another twice, but both times had been extremely friendly and a nice reconciliation. She seemed great, especially the 2nd time, she wore these types of a low-cut top we could almost begin to see the entirety of her cleavage, and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t help but look down at her breasts over and over once more. She told me personally later she hadn’t noticed at all, and just thought I had been being distant the entire time. I felt like information technology had been pretty obvious. So anyway, it’s a Saturday night in December and Brandy had dumped me times previous. I’m in my apartment-style dorm that I work as a resident assistant in. She and I also are texting; I can’t keep in mind about just what, she may have been complaining about the woman present boyfriend. we had been a little drunk and therefore feeling courageous and invited her over to fuck. Neither her nor I believed one another’s consent but after a few texts she said she had been driving more than. The suspense had been therefore much that my whole body began to shake. I helped myself to some water and some vodka-cranberry to relax my nerves, and finally she called me to tell me she had been outside. we walked out of my building and across the road to the woman vehicle. She could have afforded to lose a few pounds, but because she had been these types of a great dresser, she always seemed amazing clothed. Huge breasts, flat tummy, feminine and lovely. we approached her as she stood by her vehicle home and asked her “Is this actually taking place?” Her eyes invited it all as I leaned into give her short but eager kiss. She accepted dutifully and I also knew information technology had been for real. I attempted to play it cool and walked her into the building. She had not been to this apartment, so we were checking information technology away as we walked the lady to my room. I was glad because my new destination was means much more impressive than my old one, and there was nevertheless a whole lot of ego between her and I, which just added to the immense intimate tension. Finally we got to my apartment and sat down: me on a chair along with her on the sofa dealing with me. We made polite but unassuming discussion, her strong personality shining through like I knew her whenever we were dating. Lastly, we reached a silence, and she stared at me with her big brown eyes, almost commanding me to take her. we pounced on her almost instantly. we straddled her and pressed my mouth upon her. We kissed deeply with wonderful, messy tongue. I knew she had been mine. we then grabbed her locks and started to kiss down her neck. Her respiration became therefore exasperated it was like she was having an anxiety attack. Her pleasure was palpable and it was amazing. After kissing and chewing a bit on her throat, and shoving my tongue down her throat a bit much more, she had enough. She put a big, beautiful hand on my upper body and pushed me off her, commanded me to take my jeans off and I also obliged, my cock sprung out because soon as they were eliminated. She then pushed me personally again down on the seat where we had just remaining. Jay then took her right hand and wrapped her long, slender fingers around the base of my thick, 7’’ cock and accepted my head and shaft into her mouth. She constantly offered sensational head. The sight of her bobbing up and down on me again was surreal. we whispered the woman title as she was drawing me simply to make certain it was actually occurring. Should could take almost all of it and let her hand slide up and down with her lips simply for good measure. we was in paradise. I didn’t desire her to finish me, so we pushed her to the flooring. If you had expected me what kind of bottoms she had on that very second I don’t understand if I could have informed you, because I was therefore concentrated on removing them. With her garments removed and her pussy offered to me personally, I prepared to offer her the rough fingering she loves. we put my left-hand on her uterus and my right index and middle finger inside her already very damp pussy. we then began curling my hands right back to myself very quickly, rubbing the tips of them along the inside of the girl. Jay was always great with giving a good response; she always sounded so feminine however so amazingly enraptured, and tonight was no exception. As she riled me up more with her moans, we began to go my entire arm up and down, my fingers truly slamming the walls of her cunt. I took my fingers out for a flavor, as I constantly did; the taste of her pussy in my lips offered me personally such a rush of endorphins. we then provided her with my cock. we desired to rub it against her clit real tough, since I had done that therefore often whenever we were nevertheless avoiding sex during our connection. She had something else in mind. She grabbed the base of my cock once again and slid my head down to her mouth. She wanted me personally inside the girl. Without delay, I thrust my hips and filled her with my cock, her breathing started skipping beats again, we felt as if she couldn’t manage me. we got really worked up and simply began pounding the shit out of her, and it had been ecstasy. Our bodies slapping against one another therefore difficult and fast, it was exhilarating to have her as my fuck slut on the floor. we understood I was about to cum, so I relaxed my hips and stopped fucking the lady long enough to regain my composure. Whether or not from the sex or the cold climate I’m not sure, but she had been covered in goosebumps. I got on my knees and sucked her right nipple difficult, giving it some teeth and pulling it away from her body with my mouth. She decided to take cost again, pressing my chest and my body to the floor and sucking me off. we couldn’t resist any longer, I leaned back against the sofa and let my orgasm rumble up my cock. Within moments we had been quickly blowing my load into the woman mouth. She stopped sucking and pumping at my cock to accept my load, and removed her mouth as I gasped from stimulation. I grabbed my cock firmly with my right hand and told her not to touch me, as I had been therefore overwhelmed with pleasure, and she obeyed with a look and a giggle. As I built-up myself, she began to put the woman clothing back on. I requested her if she emerged and she assured me yes and said “You constantly knew how to push my buttons.” Information Technology was that much more gratifying to later find off her present boyfriend had been terrible in bed. we eventually found my shorts and stayed shirtless, she gathered by herself to look pretty sufficient to get out to the bars downtown. I had been still only twenty and could not join her, so we provided her a lengthy kiss and wished her a good night. We fucked plenty more times after that, but nothing nearly because exciting as that evening. She stated later someone she knew at a bar ed on just how radiant she looked, and she suspected information technology had been all from the adrenaline rise our fucking gave her. We have actually because had a falling out but to this day we believe about her intimately, that night and every evening we had her. I’ve been with a good deal of girls, but to me personally, she was the only woman I’ve been with, and that evening she actually was all my own. Sorry it’s therefore very long, I wish individuals enjoy. I’m often method too horny for my own good and was thinking this kinda material might assist. TL;DR I fucked my very first ex-gf while she was nevertheless dating the woman rebound and it was awesome. FlyingElephant88